A healthy mind not only boosts your internal functioning of the body but it creates a charm that gives you the real motivation to fight with your challenges. Yoga helps you to remain fit and push your boundaries out of comfort zone. Satkar Yoga Retreat center provides an experience that is unforgettable. You will get daily yoga sessions, ayurvedic therapies to refresh yourself. Healthy habits are always good to carry. Now you do not need to worry if you are roaming the world around or following your daily routine, Yoga will help you to recycle all the waste out from your body and will keep you fit and fresh always. Yoga sessions and that too amid of Aravali ranges and lakeside views, seems to be just like a cherry on the cake. That is why Udaipur (Lakecity) is chosen to be one of the best places to travel in the world many times by international travel magazines. It’s breathtaking history, beautiful architecture, serene lakes, lush green hills, authentic traditional food and what not.. It has a lot to give to its guests. Satkar Yoga Retreat welcomes you with warm wishes to have a wonderful experience of yoga & therapies. We provide indoor as well as outdoor yoga sessions, therapies and last but not the least a range of healthy food menu that your taste buds are going to miss later on. You will definitely crave for it.