Namaste! Satkar Yoga Retreat invites you to join this Yoga, meditation, and wellness retreat in beautiful Udaipur, India. Udaipur is the crown jewel of the state of Rajasthan, It is surrounded by the beautiful lakes and Aravalli Hills in all directions, making this city as 'Venice of the East'. This place has an abundance of natural beauty, mesmerizing temples and breathtaking architecture which makes it a must-visit destination in India. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, our teacher’s extensive experience in teaching will leave you very much relaxed and help you deepen your knowledge and skills. A yoga holiday is the ideal way to relax and rejuvenate by taking yoga classes as and when you want to. Satkar Yoga retreat is all about you and reaching your full potential in your life. Its a place without judgment, without anything to prove to anyone or yourself. Yoga is about letting go: letting go of fear, fatigue, frustration, healing old wounds. Yoga is journey for the self to the self to find the very purpose of our existence and refining your practices to live life to its fullest and more joyous, loving, compassionate and remarkable life.